Mothers Day!

Apr, 29 2014

Recently I received a card from one of our daughters who lives in Roanoke Va.   It reads as follows:  Because of you Mom I know what love is. It's patience. It's sacrifice. It's sharing joy and keeping faith.  And it's what makes us strong and helps us find our way.  Because of you, Mom, I know what family is. It's laughing, It's leaning. It's being "real" and being friends. And it will always be there, no matter what.  Because of you, Mom, I know what's at the heart of a good and family----those things that are true and lasting.  They make a difference......Mom, I know because of you. --------Mothers Day is a time to honor, appreciate, and recognize our Mothers.  Many people send cards or gifts to their moms or make a special effort to visit her. There are many ways we can do this but this year bring Mom , join us at the Harmon House Events Center for a special brunch in her honor.  We would love to have you.   Limited Space , call today for reservations336-414-6464