Tricks to be waxed and less painful

Hello girls!
Today I bring you some beauty tricks to a good waxing . Another day I will talk about other methods but how the most used is this will start here, which we all use or have ever used in our life.

What are the advantages of depilating concera?

- The hairs will take about 3-4 weeks to appear.
- Will come out finer.
- You will have a smooth skin.
- It will help you to exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin.

Tricks for waxing to hurt less:

- The day before you shave, get yourself a good exfoliation so that the skin is completely clean.
- The day before you also apply a good moisturizer.
- Depilate after the shower since the follicles of the skin are more relaxed and open.
- Strip the wax in the opposite direction of the wing.
- If you use hot wax before try it a little on the hand.
- Never wait too long since you put the wax on your skin until you give the pull.
- After waxing put on a natural moisturizer that does not contain alcohol or aloe vera.
- To avoid that you enquisten lospelos see my previous post HAIR INCARNATED.
What do you think of these tricks for girls to wax with wax ?