Grapes twelve

Hello girls!
Now that the good weather is coming, we started trying (some to get) to eat better. To me the fruits that I like the most are lasfresas, oranges and grapes. And luckily Grapes twelve markets its grapes throughout the year.
grapes twelve
Uvasdoce has a corporate vision to convert the table grape into a higher quality, healthier and more desirable fruit for consumers. The company is characterized by combining the most innovative production and packaging techniques, with the experience of more than three decades in the sector. Year after year, Uvasdoce perfects the working method that allows to obtain a grape of high quality and with the maximum alimentary security.
grapes for old night
 red grapes
They have a lot of varieties Aledo grapes, crimson, flame, ideal, palieri, red globe, thompson, victoria and walthan cross.

And best of all, they are > GOODBYEES !! Have you tried the twelve grapes ?